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Affiliate marketing offers a simple and enjoyable way to start your own business and earn passive income. My Dark Shop focuses on creating high-quality BDSM products with attention to detail, aiming to bring joy to everyone. We provide an opportunity for you to share in the profits by promoting our products. Whether through your website, social media, mailing list, or any other online channel. You can earn cash by referring customers to make purchases using your unique affiliate link. You can also place our ads and banners on your platform & earn up to 10% commissions on each sale.

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate our affiliate program:

  • Sign up for the affiliate program: Begin by completing the sign-up process. Provide accurate details such as your name, email address, contact number, and address.
  • Receive your affiliate link: After signing up, navigate to the account settings page. Look for the section dedicated to the affiliate program and submit a request to get started. Once your request is approved by our team, you will receive a unique affiliate link on the same page. This link is essential for monitoring the sales generated through your referrals.
  • Strategically place your affiliate links: Incorporate your affiliate links organically within your content. For instance, consider using them in relevant anchor text, product images, or call-to-action buttons. It's important to ensure that your affiliate links are clearly distinguishable, and in compliance with legal requirements, disclose that they are affiliate links.
  • Conversion tracking: When users visit our website through your affiliate link and successfully complete a purchase, your account will reflect the conversion and the corresponding amount. This will be updated once the order is delivered and payment is received.
  • Track performance and optimize: Regularly monitor the performance of your affiliate links and track key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and earnings. Analyze the data to identify patterns and optimize your content and promotional strategies.

By following these steps and implementing effective tracking, placement, and optimization strategies, you can maximize your success as an affiliate and enhance your earnings from the program.

Payment Process

All the payments are made by a secure method, either Paypal or bank transfers. Generally, commissions are made monthly, and the base payout is Rs. 5,000/ but if there is any delay in your payment, we assure you it can be a technical problem. So, be patient; you will get what you have earned.

Why us?

My Dark Shop is a trusted platform providing a diverse range of products to enhance and explore different lifestyles. We curate unique items from renowned brands worldwide, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience across multiple devices. Our goal is to bring curiosity, imagination, desires, and fantasies to life within the comfort of your own bedroom. We strive to create happiness and foster strong connections between couples.

Working with My Dark Shop as an affiliate allows you to tap into a trusted platform, promote a diverse range of products, and be part of a community that values happiness, connection, and empowerment. Join us and experience the rewards of partnering with a visionary brand that is committed to customer satisfaction and affiliate success.

Contact us at support@mydarkshop.com for more details !!

Contact Information

  • Our workdays: Monday to Saturday
  • Timings: 10:00 A.M - 11:00 P.M.
  • Contact Support No. : 07986053265
  • For more information or any queries you can send us an email at support@mydarkshop.com
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